Chapter 20 (Treason)



It seemed like a perfect world for scientists back then. Everyone aspired to be a scientist and excel and contribute in something. The environment was perfect. There were almost no problems to practice science and collect knowledge. For centuries, the Islamic Empire was the beacon of science and knowledge in the world. But as we’ve seen so far in our story, nothing can last forever especially if it is a good thing. ‘The Abyss’ was there waiting for a chance to attack and destroy as always.

And they did.

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Chapter 19 (Sunny Days For Science)



It feels like the whole planet was determined to banish them. But unlike Atlantis, the Mayan civilization still exists with their buildings, drawings and other stuff they left behind.

Again son, the love for power had major consequences and threw a great civilization away. This closed another chapter in our story as we are moving closer and closer to the end.

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Programmable Matter #A2Z Challenge



Today is April 18th which marks the “P” day in the A2Z challenge. According to my theme I’m supposed to write about a “technology that can change the world as we know it“. Today’s post would be a technology that can actually have an Earth-Shattering effect on our world.

Programmable Matter


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