My Fulbright Journey – Fall 2015


If I’m to choose a theme title for what I learned in my first semester in the states, it would be “Family”. I have learned a lot about the American society (especially in Indiana). I made a lot of friends here in the past semester. Continue reading


Zootopia #A2Z Challenge



Well, the A2Z challenge is over. It is the last day of April with the last letter of alphabet. And we’re not talking about future technologies this time. I’m writing about

Zootopia (The Zoo Of The Future)


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One Future Race #A2Z Challenge



Well, for today’s letter which is the “O” letter, I admit that I failed to find an interesting future technology that can really change our future. Actually, there was the “Optical Computing” topic which is about replacing electrons in digital circuits with photons which are way faster than traditional electrons. But, I didn’t really find this a “World Changing” thing. However, I found another interesting topic that can really change our world. Although it is not technology related but it is important to discuss.

One Future Human Race


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The TV Advertisement Paradox


“Why are companies still using TV ads till today?”

This question haunted me for a long time. We all know that advertising in a TV channel costs a lot of money based on the show and channel ratings. According to Variety, the top shows for 2014 costs a really big deal of money. The NBC Sunday Night Football costs around $623,425 for a 30-seconds slot ad. The hit show “The Walking Dead” costs $413,695. The hilarious “The Big Bang Theory” costs $327,885 which means that TBBT makes around $6.5 million per episode.

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Why Novels are so important?


Why Novels are so important?

للنسخة العربية

Lately, I joined an Arabic ‘Readers’ group on Facebook. Then, someday a member posted this question “Why novels are so important? And do they worth their price which sometimes is pretty high?”

Then, I was surprised by the many comments and other similar posts of people who are supposed to be book addicts and professional readers to express the thought of novels are unimportant and time-wasting. That was my motive to write this blog post to clarify the importance of novels as a genre of reading.

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