#AToZChallenge Reflections



Now with the #A2ZChallenge end for this year, I’m putting together everything I felt about the competition. First of all, it is my first time to participate in the competition. I really LOVED the challenge. I loved everything about it. 

While I was thinking about the theme that I would write about, I had a lot of useful information during my search. As you know (those who were following me), as my blog is mainly about science, I chose my theme to be about stories of world-changing inventions. I got many encouragements from visitors of the blog. I had a lot of useful experience and information while I was collecting data for my articles from different sources. I knew a lot of new information that I didn’t know before. 

I also had fun exploring other participants’ blogs especially Anne’s Blog which had very interesting posts about history. I loved many of her posts especially the X, her mark and the Cremation posts. I had fun reading about different topics in science, history, psychology and other interesting topics with other bloggers. 

I really loved everything about the challenge, it is very useful in different aspects; you get new friends, followers, fun, experience and knowledge. Of course, I will participate in the challenge the next year ISA (In Sha’ Allah). 


Zippers Story #AToZChallenge





It is the last day of April which means the last day of the most inspirational blogging contest, The A2Z Challenge. I’m so sad that the challenge is over. I had a lot of fun during this month, and of course I’ll participate every year ISA. This day is the “Z” day. Throughout the month, I’ve been telling you the stories of inventions that had a major impact on our lives, world and history. We’ve seen some amazing inventions and the journey to its achievement. We were surprised to find some modern inventions to have existed in our ancient civilizations. I hope you enjoyed my theme this month. 

Today, I’m gonna tell you a very short story about an very common – not so important – invention we use everyday. The Zippers.

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Yale Locks Story #AToZChallenge



Yale Locks

Just one more day to go, it is the second to last day in A2Z challenge. I really enjoyed this competition and I regret not participating before. I enjoyed writing for my theme of the month. For this day it is the letter “Y”. So, I will tell  you the story of the invention that made our lives more secure than ever. The “Yale Locks” story.

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X-Rays Story #AToZChallenge




Just two letters – days – to go my A2Z friends. Today is the “X” day. Of course, the letter “X” refers instantly to the “X-Rays” invention. X-Rays can be considered one of the most important inventions in history that affected our lives on a large scale.

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WWW Story #AToZChallenge



World Wide Web

We are only 4 days away from the end of the month and one of the best and funniest challenges I’ve taken in my life, that is the A2Z challenge. Today is the “W” letter day, so I should tell you the story of an invention starting with the letter “W”. And this invention must be (According to my theme) a world-changing one. This would be the invention of the World Wide Web. 

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Vaccination Story #AToZChallenge



For the letter “V”, I chose one of the most critical inventions in history, Vaccination. Without it we would have been doomed a long time ago. 

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Uranium Story #AToZChallenge





Today according to my A2Z theme, I’m telling you the story of one of the most important discoveries that changed the face of our world forever. The Uranium Discovery. It is not actually an invention, but it is more important than most inventions.

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