Chapter 26 (Z End)



Here again, the world lost one of its greatest minds ever just because a few decided to go the brute force way to change him to the way they like.

Conan concluded his story to his sun, Albert by saying “So now you see my son, ‘The Abyss’ is not a single person, organization or even religion. It is a way of thinking. It is the idea that knowledge and power should be in the hands of only a few (who call themselves the worthy) and the other population should stay under their control. The idea of free thinking and creativity scares them to death. It is represented mostly in the fight between some religious persons (who misinterpret or manipulate) religion to match their own needs. It is everywhere, with Muslims, Christians, Jews and every religion on Earth.”

“But it is not only in religion. Sometimes it is also about money. Sometimes you will find people who will fight creativity as much as they can to earn more money. A famous example I didn’t have the time to tell you is the fight between Edison and the brilliant Tesla when he wanted to invent free energy for everyone. ‘The Abyss’ is adaptable. It doesn’t care about religion or money. It is just about where power is. If – in some place – power is in religion, then it will take the false form of religion to control people. If power is in money, it will take the form of money. Many times in our history, the world was entirely ruled by believers of ‘The Abyss’. But we have changed that with a big revolution in 3016 and we’ve been living in peace since then. Creativity is everywhere not overruled by any form of absolute power. Even the rare times when religion theories collide with scientific ones,we can solve it in a very peaceful and civilized method that always gives us a solution that satisfies both sides.”

“But now that you’re telling me that your classmate’s father who is a priest is calling me a wizard and he thinks we should be banished, I think the world as we know it is in danger again. I have to meet with the society counsel to discuss this. But now it’s been a very long night for both of us and you should go to sleep.”

“Ok dad, now I understand everything and the idea that the world turns to what you just described to me is terrifying. I hope you can sort it out with the counsel. I don’t wanna live in the world you described dad.”

Conan said while he was turning off the lights and closing the door behind him, “Don’t worry Albert. We will not allow this to happen again.”


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