Chapter 25 (Yes, you are a genius, But…)



The Church was very happy with The Inquisition (or should we say ‘The Abyss’) because everyone was back under the umbrella of the Church again (mostly of fear more than loyalty or faith). In the 19th century, they took a 6-year old boy from his Jewish family because they were informed that his nursemaid secretly baptised him. The Church didn’t approve that a Christian kid was to be raised by a Jewish family. His father wasted his life trying to seek any help but no one could help him against the absolute power and authority of the Church.

But as always, the end was coming and it was near.

Through history there were many milestones in the trials to put an end to the Inquisition all over Europe. But it was totally terminated around 1870 when Rome was captured as part of the Italian Unification. After that, there was a real scientific revolution across al of Europe.

We have for example the Industrial Revolution that started in the UK and swept through the rest of Europe. At that time (and even later) the Church changed and took another turn and supported scientific research. Their power was not guaranteed to continue if they kept fighting science. And we have many examples of researchers sponsored by the church who made great contributions to science.

But ‘The Abyss’ thought school will never vanish from our world. It is always there waiting for a chance to come out. One interesting case was not long ago. We are talking about the case of Alan Turing.

Alan Turing was a brilliant man. He is the “Father of Artificial Intelligence” and “Modern Computer Science”. He was the brilliant man who spent months working on breaking the “Enigma” machine, the secret key to decrypting all the German coded messages in the World War. He devised the first detailed stored-program computer. He was a mathematical genius by all means. He had only one thing that changed his life. He was gay. He had a relationship with another man. At that time, this was a crime in the UK. The government did not care about his works or his brilliance and they put him to trial.

He was convicted and that had many consequences. He was given the choice of going to prison or hormonal treatment. Of course, a man like Turing will never accept to be robbed of his freedom. He chose the treatment which had side effects like Erectile Dysfunction and Gynaecomastia (enlarged breasts). He lost his security privileges as a cryptographic consultant for the British government. He was banned from entering the US. In short, his life was changed forever, to the worse. On June 7th, 1954, he ate an apple injected with cyanide which resulted in his instant death.

Here again, the world lost one of its greatest minds ever just because a few decided to go the brute force way to change him to the way they like.

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