Chapter 23 (War of Beliefs)



With all that happening in the cities of Europe, everything started to go up instead of down for the normal people. There, in the cities, it all started.

The Renaissance.

With time, people started to grow intellect and new interests especially in art. As more people moved into the cities of Europe, the more things get loose. The Catholic Church’s authority and power over people was endangered. People did not care as much as they used to when they were simple farmers.

Then something even worse happened. As more people became interested in art, art became an important way to earn money. Artists became an important part of the society. Then, unexpectedly some priests from the church started to follow the ways of that time’s politicians to gain the power they lost. That was a big hit for the church because it came from the inside. Even the schools and universities that the church started to build since the 11th century to educate people about nature and philosophy (in the ways approved by the church) did not contribute to get people back under their control. People became more interested in Art and Maths.

Efforts were made to translate some Muslim and Greek works into Latin to be studied further in Europe. Art was going viral everywhere. And ironically, it all started in Italy, the heart of the Catholic Church. Lots of people started to practice science and make important discoveries. Then, the Church had no choice but to declare their support of science and art in the new society. With this being done, some attempts were made to reform the Church to be adapted to the methods and beliefs of the new society. The Church saw that as a real danger to the heart of their high society. So, They had to come up with something to protect their entity. They created the worst thing they have ever thought of.

The Inquisition.

The Inquisition was a set of rules developed to prosecute anyone accused of anything related to religious doctrine (any thing against the Church’s beliefs). They made sure to do their best.

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