Chapter 21 (The Umbrella of the Church)



And since then, the Muslims were done. They never gained back their glory in any field because of the religious misguidance of their religious leaders and the corruption of their rulers.

Now, while the Mayans were mastering the sky and the Muslims were putting the foundation of modern science and the Asian civilizations were advancing in Mathematics, Europe was in total darkness. The period between the 5th and the 13th century was the worst times in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire.

For about 8 centuries, there was no science, no discoveries, no inventions, no art, no urban civilization. Europe was full of illiteracy and ignorance. At some times as we will see later they were plagued with horrible diseases.

By now we’ve seen ‘The Abyss’ school of thought in many forms through the human history. Some of these forms were knowledge itself. But for sure the most effective form that proved its usefulness to ‘The Abyss’ was under the cover of religion. Most people are not threatened by science as they are by religion. So, this time, ‘The Abyss’ took advantage of the chaos in Europe and took the form of the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church back then used religion to maintain power over everyone. And by everyone we mean everyone, even kings. Kings were as powerful as they support the church and follow its lead. Normal people (another word for poor people at that time) were forced to pay 10 percent of their income to the church every year. Normal people didn’t own anything because the kings owned everything by the authority of the church and they give land to noblemen who let people live on their land in exchange for work.

The Catholic Church made sure that this time nothing slips from their hands. They didn’t want anyone or anything to threaten their existence. They had a firm grip over everything going on in Europe. So, When you add poverty, diseases, ignorance, wars together you will understand why people call those days the name that suits them best.

The Dark Ages.

It seemed like everywhere else on Earth, east and west is going fast forward and Europe is going darker and darker under the rule of the Catholic Church. But if we learn one thing from our story so far it is nothing stays the same forever especially when it comes to the fight between light and darkness. The Catholic Church was going to face its worst nightmare…..s

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>Chapter 22 (Voilà Renaissance)


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