Chapter 18 (Revolution)



The total eclipse was terrifying to the people because the sun was their most sacred object. They even had two gods for the sun not only one. It was terrifying to the priest-astronomers as well because that threatened their power over the people.

Something had to be done.

The priest-astronomers worked their best to push the boundaries of their mathematics to try and predict the solar eclipses so they can gain power back over their people. They used these eclipses for their own purposes as “angry messages from gods”. Their maths was amazingly accurate. But that was not enough for them. They wanted to take one more leap in predictions. They started working on their calendars. They calculated and calculated non-stop until they came up with one of the most accurate calendars in history of mankind, The Mayan Calendar.

This calendar was so accurate that it has a more accurate estimate of the years days than the current Gregorian calendar. Our Gregorian calendar estimates that the year is 365.2425 days while the Mayan estimated it more accurately as 365.242036 days. They used these calendars as prediction milestones to gain more power over their people.

As time goes by, the priest-astronomers were gaining more knowledge and therefore more power. They were commanding the people with so much work to build their temples and plant their food. Now, my son the Mayans are a huge mystery for us. The Mayans were at their peek around the year 900. Their population reached about 13 million people. But all of a sudden, they disappeared.

For a long time we didn’t know exactly what happened to them. Scientists had a lot of theories but now thanks to our new DNA invention we have a good theory. All of them were true. See? The Mayan workers were cutting a lot of trees to do their work. This on the long term resulted in droughts. Of course as a normal result there were famines. They had food shortages. Since the pries-astronomers were the highest power in the society (along with their king), they had most of the resources for themselves. All this resulted in civil revolutions among the Mayans. Revolts everywhere against the absolute power and acquisition of knowledge. At the same time, wars started to take place between Mayan cities to get more resources for their people. As if all this was not enough, the Spanish came to conquer the land and search for gold and they killed a lot of Mayans.

It feels like the whole planet was determined to banish them. But unlike Atlantis, the Mayan civilization still exists with their buildings, drawings and other stuff they left behind.

Again son, the love for power had major consequences and threw a great civilization away. This closed another chapter in our story as we are moving closer and closer to the end.

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