Chapter 16 (Power of the Skies)


PThis was an important time in history of science because Pythagoreans (and other Greeks after that) contributed a lot to Mathematics which is the holy language of everything. The secret code of the universe. Based on these theories a lot was achieved. The other interesting thing here is that this time there was no existence for ‘The Abyss’. It was a free society and everyone can practice and learn whatever they want. But this time the scientists were the one who destroyed themselves. They let arrogance get to their hearts so they turned from the united goal to being selfish about science.

Now moving away from all these civilizations and going far the the Americas. More specifically, Southern America. To the land of the Mayans. The Mayans lived in a big area included parts of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. They lived for more than 3000 years starting from their Preclassic period at around 2000 BC. But the most interesting part was their classic period from 250 – 950 AD. They were at their civilization peak at that time.

The Mayans were extremely clever when it comes to astronomy. They were pretty good at mathematics too. But now we know (through our recent DNA memory extractor) how it all began. It all started with a man who came from the ocean. A man named Gukumatz.

One day, Gukumatz came to the Mayan lands from the ocean. They didn’t know that there were any lands beyond the oceans surrounding them. But even with our DNA technology, we couldn’t get much information about that Gukumatz. We don’t know where he is from or how did he come all the way to this continent. If we know, then we can give him the credit for discovering the Americas a long time before Columbus. He visited the Mayans and he stayed with them for a while. He taught them mostly everything about civilizations. He taught them medicine, fishing, agriculture and a lot of other things. When he spent years teaching them all he can, he left them back to the ocean again.

Of course, they thought of him as a god. And for almost the end of their days they worshiped him. Even kings were naming themselves on his name as an indication that they are the medium between him and the people. The Mayans started developing on their knowledge. They developed their own advanced numerical system. They build a lot of great pyramids and other monuments. But among all, they were distinguished in astronomy. They studied the sky a lot. They studied the movements of bodies in the sky. By the time, astronomy became complex enough that not any Mayan could study it. And that when ‘The Abyss’ came back.

(To Be Continued…………)

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