Chapter 15 (Oblivion)



One day, a man named Cylon wanted to join the school. Cylon was a nobleman in Croton. He was rich and had high family reputation in Croton but he was cruel, brutal and tyrant. These were the reasons he was rejected from joining the Pythagorean school. Because of that, all his love towards Pythagoras turned into anger and hatred. He wanted one thing.

Revenge from the Pythagorean school. With ‘No Exceptions’.

In 510 BC, Croton had a battle with the neighbouring city, Sybaris. The Pythagorean society were forced to involve in that battle. Thanks to their united efforts and minds, Croton won the battle. But Pythagoras was not happy with that. He left his home town to get away from politics and now he is forced to do it again.

He started new secret rituals and built more and more secrets within his society which started to annoy other people in Croton. Moreover, the distinction between the Mathematikoi and the Akousmatikoi became more and more clear. The Akousmatikoi were annoyed with this. Now, Cylon saw this as a chance to get his revenge.

One day in 508 BC, Cylon managed to bribe (generously) one of the members of the Mathematikoi order to get him one of the secret religious books written by Pythagoreans (or Pythagoras himself). That traitor got him the secret book ‘Hieros Logos’ which is Greek for ‘Holy/secret word’. Cylon took the book to the courtyard in Croton and read it out loud revealing many disturbing secrets of the Pythagorean brotherhood. People started to agree with Cylon that this order should be dismissed because it is considered dangerous with all these secrets. You know, people are enemies of what they don’t know. Nobody likes secrets.

Cylon took a group of angry people to Pythagoras school and they started burning and killing everyone in there. Only 2 Pythagoreans who were at the school at that time managed to escape and Pythagoras himself left Croton to Metapontum to spend the rest of his days there until he died in 495 BC.

The Pythagorean philosophy continued after Pythagoras death. The Mathematikoi who escaped the violent revolution managed to teach other followers and revive it again. The Akousmatikoi didn’t vanish in the violent revolution of Cylon because as I told you, they don’t stay in the school so much. So, at that time most of them were safe and away. By the time, the gap between the two groups started to be wider than it should have been. The Mathematikoi started to exclude the Akousmatikoi from being Pythagorean at all because they didn’t contribute that much to the science. Of course this drove the Akousmatikoi angry and the two groups started many local fights in different places. At that point, the normal people of the society were fed up with all the secrecy and the fights. At 460 BC people attacked all the Pythagorean places and destroyed them all. The Pythagoreans from both groups almost vanished (or killed) and the ones who survived kept participating the Pythagorean methods but in secret this time. They didn’t go in public again and the Pythagorean school was gone for good.

This was an important time in history of science because Pythagoreans (and other Greeks after that) contributed a lot to Mathematics which is the holy language of everything. The secret code of the universe. Based on these theories a lot was achieved. The other interesting thing here is that this time there was no existence for ‘The Abyss’. It was a free society and everyone can practice and learn whatever they want. But this time the scientists were the one who destroyed themselves. They let arrogance get to their hearts so they turned from the united goal to being selfish about science.

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