Chapter 12 (Light After Darkness)



We’re still not sure what happened to the Anunnaki group, but we didn’t find a trace about them after that day. What we know is that ‘The Abyss’ grew stronger and they were in full control of everything even the rulers themselves. That was another chapter of this fight obviously won by ‘The Abyss’. A fight that left us nothing except for a copy of the tablet that started it all, Plimpton 322 and some of these jars recovered from a site called Khujut Rabu.

They won that fight but the battle is still going on.


Our next story will be in one of the greatest empires ever witnessed by humanity, The Greek Empire. But we should go back to their beginnings before we begin this part of the story. We will start at the edges of the Bronze Age. It was called ‘Mycenaean Greece’. They started around 1600 BC and they learned from other civilizations so they had a writing system and some marvellous artworks. But what they really excelled at was building palaces and citadels. They built a lot of them everywhere. This map shows you a period of the Mycenaean Greece and their palaces and citadels.

By Own work - Ιστορία του Ελληνικού Έθνους, Εκδοτική Αθηνών, τ. Α' χάρτες σε σελ. 263-265, σελ. 290, 292-293 (επίσης [1], CC BY-SA 3.0,

By Own work – Ιστορία του Ελληνικού Έθνους, Εκδοτική Αθηνών, τ. Α’ χάρτες σε σελ. 263-265, σελ. 290, 292-293 (επίσης [1], CC BY-SA 3.0,

They built them and fortified them very good and they were building them on top of hills for more protection. But at one point in time (around 1250 BC) something happened. A wave of destruction seems to wipe out everything in Mycenaean Greece. Cities totally deserted, cities burnt down to the ground and palaces destroyed.

We are still not 100% sure of the reason but it was a fierce attack on that civilization. One of the possibilities is that the attack was led by the Dorians, people who came from the mountains in the north. But despite that brutal attack, Mycenaean survived and started a phase of revival. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long enough. Around 1190 BC, the attacks started again and this time the invaders were determined to destroy everything. And this time? Nothing survived. They destroyed everything. They burnt everything down and left no one behind to tell the tales. We only found writings describing the brutal attacks but not the attackers.

By the fall of Mycenaean Greece, the Greeks lived what we call ‘The Greek Dark Ages’ from 1100 – 800 BC. Why did we call it the dark ages? Well, no more monumental buildings were built, no more art, no more writing, no trade, all the towns were abandoned, the population was reduced and the government and army system disappeared. It was really dark back then and it seemed that everyone were on their own.

But you know what they say, every darkness must be followed by light. And here we start our new story.

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