Chapter 11 (Kingu)



They discovered that when copper and any form of acidic juice are mixed in a certain way, they produce some energy. Of course we now know it is electricity but they didn’t know about it back then. This was a big thing and the next step was to figure out what this is and how to make use of it. They started making jars filled with different types of juice and has an iron rod wrapped with a copper sheet dipped in that juice. They conducted lots of experiments with these jars to come up with something useful. But then something bad happened, something very bad.

By this time they have worked together long enough to trust each other and they needed a lab to conduct their research on the new discovery anyway.So, they agreed to make the meetings in one of their houses alternatively. Each one of them had a secret lab or study room where they used to do their own work.

They spent months studying these ‘Energy Jars’ as they agreed to call them. They discovered that they can use them to keep jewellery and different materials from corrosion by (what we call today) electroplating. They used that energy to add gold layers to different items to protect them. They were really making good progress on this work.

One day, they organized for a meeting to continue their experiments on the ‘Energy Jars’. They decided that the time has come to document what they got about this new invention on a tablet and distribute it in the city as usual. Bel, Aloros, Ea and Nabu showed up on time. They were meeting this time in Bel’s secret lab at his home. Irig was running late and they became worried. They thought that he was caught by one of the spies spread all over the city while he was on his way. After a while, they heard knocking on the door, Bel went to check while the others hid in his secret lab. He found Irig at the door saying he is sorry but he had to take longer routes to avoid spies. He asked “is everyone here?”. Bel answered “Yes, they are waiting in the secret room”. Then Irig went to the window and knocked on the wooden frame 3 times. Bel asked “Wha….” and he couldn’t finish as he was surprised by soldiers breaking down the door and capturing him. Irig addressed the soldiers and pointed them to the secret room where they found all the others hiding. Bel was speechless and finally when he came to himself, he asked Irig “But Why? Why did you switch sides?”

Irig answered, “Dear Bel, I’ve never switched sides. Well, you see my friend? I’m Irig a member in ‘The Abyss’ higher society. I’ve never been to your side.” When he saw the puzzled look on their faces, he said “Oh, I have to explain more. I’m really sorry that the most brilliant minds in Babylonia couldn’t figure it out by now. Well, you made only one mistake, one big mistake. You started doing all these encrypted messages assuming that all the brilliant minds in Babylonia are on your side, the ‘good’ side. Poor Bel. In ‘The Abyss’ we have many genius people from different fields. Even smarter than anyone in this room. We figured out the encrypted messages very soon but we wanted to know more. If we just arrested you by then it would be nothing. We decided to use all of you to increase our knowledge. For the past years I’ve been transferring all what we discover together to ‘The Abyss’. But everything has to come to an end, right? When we invented the ‘Energy Jars’ it was a breakthrough. Everyone in ‘The Abyss’ was excited about how we can use them for our benefits. It was going so well and I was depending on all of you to uncover more truth about that weird energy. But you and your stupid heroic ideals. You decided to release everything to the public about this great invention this week. So, this had to stop. We cannot let you proceed any further.”

“It was the perfect time. I knew all your houses, all your secret rooms, where you hide your documents. While we’re speaking soldiers are destroying everything in all the other houses.”

“Yeah, trust. I think I will cry, hahaha don’t be silly, Bel. You’re smarter than that”

“And yes before I forget, my name is not Irig, I’m Kingu the head of ‘The Abyss'”

We’re still not sure what happened to the Anunnaki group, but we didn’t find a trace about them after that day. What we know is that ‘The Abyss’ grew stronger and they were in full control of everything even the rulers themselves. That was another chapter of this fight obviously won by ‘The Abyss’. A fight that left us nothing except for a copy of the tablet that started it all, Plimpton 322 and some of these jars recovered from a site called Khujut Rabu.

They won that fight but the battle is still going on.


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