Chapter 10 (Jars with electricity)



Bel knew that these spies will get them sooner or later, so he decided that he needs to see the other scientists who are doing the same as he is and make a plan. But he didn’t know them or how to find them. He knew one thing from their works. They are as smart as him, some of them even smarter and he depended on that. So he started working on the plan that will make the Anunnaki, for the first time, see and get to know each other.

Bel’s plan was to send an encrypted message to the other scientists to tell them about the meeting. He depended on their intelligence to decipher his message. First of all, he was looking for a good way to encrypt his message and after a long time he thought that he will use the work that started all the thrill and chase, The Pythagorean Theorem. He started writing his message in numbers, more specifically, regular Pythagorean triples. Regular numbers are numbers that can divide powers of 60. like 3, 20 when you multiply them you get 60 to the power of 1. So each line in his message contains three numbers that can be Pythagorean triples like 3, 4, 5. He chose each triple carefully so that when interpreted by the right mind it can refer to a location and a time or sometimes a simple message.

To test that this method is working, he wrote his first message which was “if you understood this message reply with a similar one and distribute it as usual”. He waited for days and days. He didn’t lose hope because he knew it was a difficult code to decipher. But finally after almost one week he found one of the distributed tablets in the city and it was encrypted in the same way. It said “Got your message waiting for more”. After a couple more days he found two more messages from different persons. So, he decided to go further and plan for a meeting. So, he chose a date, time and a location, then he wrote another tablet with all the information and distributed it through the city. On the assigned date and time he was waiting for the others to show up in a remote place in the desert outside the city. When the other three guys showed up they introduced themselves as Aloros (Astronomer), Ea (Mathematician) and Irig (Mathematician). They discussed the necessity to do something about ‘The Abyss’ because if they kept going like this they will wipe out all the knowledge sources in the city and sooner or later they will catch them.

They agreed on a plan. The plan was to produce more knowledge than ‘The Abyss’ can prevent or handle. This way they would exhaust ‘The Abyss’ and consume their resources. At the same time, they would give the people the knowledge they seek. This was going to be achieved by working together. They agreed to keep communicating with the same encryption method as long as it is safe and set weekly appointments to work together on everything they can think of. It was an early form of brainstorming in the human history.

For years, they produced many theories in astronomy and mathematics. Until one day they discovered something that changed everything. What happened is that they decided to expand and search for someone who has knowledge in medicine and chemistry to produce more knowledge in that area. So they found Nabu by carefully and secretly asking in their very trusted circles about someone who is very good in medicine. Because they were looking for someone in medicine so they couldn’t depend on the mathematical code method to find him because there was little possibility that a chemist would have enough mathematical knowledge to break the code. Then they started brainstorming together as a group of two mathematicians, an astronomer and a chemist. After some time and one day, they came to a huge discovery.

They discovered that when copper and any form of acidic juice are mixed in a certain way, they produce some energy. Of course we now know it is electricity but they didn’t know about it back then. This was a big thing and the next step was to figure out what this is and how to make use of it. They started making jars filled with different types of juice and has an iron rod wrapped with a copper sheet dipped in that juice. They conducted lots of experiments with these jars to come up with something useful. But then something bad happened, something very bad.

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