Chapter 9 (Irritation)



But after 36 years of ruling, Naram-Sin died almost after 32 years of his aunt’s death in her temple. After his death, the country started to fall apart due to the invasion by a new enemy, The Gutians. They were nomadic people from Zagros mountains. They used the opportunity of Naram-Sin death and took the country by their huge armies. But this was not the end. The Mesopotamian civilization had another rise for ‘The Abyss’ but this time they changed their goal.

Now moving many years later, more specifically, to the first few years of the second millennium BC and to a new location, Babylonia. If you remember the map I showed you you will see that Babylon city is somewhat from all the rebellions and fights happening in Akkad and Ur. That doesn’t mean it was safe and peaceful there but it was much better than the other cities.


Now people in Babylon started getting interested in medicine, astronomy and mathematics. They made a lot of discoveries. They were the first civilization to have a valid theory about the planets and their motions. Our man this time is Belteshazzar (we will go with Bel for short). Bel was a brilliant mathematician in Babylonia. The only problem for that period of time is that after all what happened in the Akkadian Empire for the past years, ‘The Abyss’ became dominant and very close to the rulers which made them even stronger. So, people had to be very careful with their knowledge because if you’re not an ‘Abyss’ member and you made a discovery, they will come for you and if you didn’t agree to keep this discovery a secret only known in ‘The Abyss’ and apply it only for their benefits, then they will kill you. That’s why Bel used a neat trick to achieve his goals.

Bel started writing everything he comes up with in tablets and secretly distributing them everywhere. That way people were getting the knowledge without knowing who is behind this. Moreover, ‘The Abyss’ had a very difficult time trying to collect these tablets and keeping them for themselves because they were everywhere in the city. Bel was very interested in numbers and the relations between them. One day, he discovered the most interesting relation between numbers so far in the history of mathematics, The Pythagorean Theorem. Well, he discovered it about 1000 years before Pythagoras but still we give the credit to Pythagoras because until recently we didn’t know exactly who discovered it in Babylonia. As I told you, Bel kept his identity a secret. This theorem simply indicated that we can find a group of three numbers that can have the relationship:


This theorem helped other mathematicians and astronomers in Babylonia solve many problems and make many discoveries. Some of them even copied the methods of Bel to keep their identities safe. This drove ‘The Abyss’ mad because they wanted all knowledge for themselves and they couldn’t get their hands on either the knowledge or the people distributing it everywhere. Normal people also were interested in the identities of these secret scientists. They admired them for their brilliance and devotion to their work. People called these group of scientists, Anunnaki, which in Babylonia meant the gods of the Earth. ‘The Abyss’ were angry, mad but still resourceful because of their strong relationship with the rulers. They had a spy in almost every part of the city day and night arresting anyone doing a suspicious activity and collecting any tablet that contained worthy knowledge or information.

Bel knew that these spies will get them sooner or later, so he decided that he needs to see the other scientists who are doing the same as he is and make a plan. But he didn’t know them or how to find them. He knew one thing from their works. They are as smart as him, some of them even smarter and he depended on that. So he started working on the plan that will make the Anunnaki, for the first time, see and get to know each other.

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