Chapter 8 (Hymns of Expulsion)



Through all this, Enhedoana continued doing her job in the city of Ur. All the sadness about her father and brother made her more stubborn to keep doing the task that her father assigned her to many years ago. No one of the rebels was interested in stopping her because their main goal was to reach to the throne and rule. That all started to change when the rebels became so resourceful that they managed to recruit one of the members in Manishtishu’s court to assassinate the king. Manishtishu was killed after 15 years of ruling. And this killing changed everything.

Manishtishu’s assassination was the first assassination to happen in Enhedoana’s family. It felt much more terrible than just dying naturally. She felt anger, frustration and the need to have vengeance. But she was wise so she decided that she will keep doing her job because she believed people needed to be under the same umbrella of goddess An to be strong against corruption. What helped her calm down more is that the rebels couldn’t progress more towards the throne because her nephew, Naram-Sin (The son of Manishtishu) managed to get rid of most of the rebels and ruled the empire after his father’s assassination.

Naram-Sin was a powerful ruler like his ancestors. He managed to control the country and keep it intact. Until a group of ‘The Abyss’ followers decided to make something big. They started rebellions everywhere but this time they were all managed and connected, not random. They called it ‘The Great Rebellion’. This rebellion had three leaders: Iphur-Kishi, Amargirid and Lugalanne. Lugalanne was the most dangerous of the three. He was the king of Ur, the city in which Enhedoana’s temple is located. She was the second strongest person in the city after him because she was the high priestess. He knew that she had a great effect on the people and she will endanger his ‘Great Rebellion’. So he decided to expel her from the temple. That was a surprise because it was not expected from a king of a city to expel a high priestess from the imperial family and assigned by the emperor himself.

Enhedana documented this treason in her hymns and decided to act. She was not going to watch this hapen to her family again. She started gathering people and working secretly with her nephew Naram-Sin to put an end to the rebellion. Their fight was fruitful and they managed to capture the three leaders and put them in a trial before Enlil, god of the wind. Enhedoana managed to restore her position again and they thought that they managed to destroy ‘The Abyss’ and get rid of its rebels.

But after 36 years of ruling, Naram-Sin died almost after 32 years of his aunt’s death in her temple. After his death, the country started to fall apart due to the invasion by a new enemy, The Gutians. They were nomadic people from Zagros mountains. They used the opportunity of Naram-Sin death and took the country by their huge armies. But this was not the end. The Mesopotamian civilization had another rise for ‘The Abyss’ but this time they changed their goal.

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