Chapter 6 (The Fall)



Akin was not listening, his mind seemed floating far away. Os saw a familiar bright look in Akin’s eyes and he knew that look. Everyone in Atlantis knew that look, it is the look of victory. Akin has this look every time he comes up with something brilliant and amazing. Os was excited and he asked ‘Did u figure it out? Did u find a solution to my problem?’. Akin looked at him and said:

  • ‘Your problem? I found a solution to all of our problems: past, present and future’
  • ‘What is it?’

Akin had a very wide smile on his face and said only one word, ‘Numbers’

Then there was a revolution and an extinction.

“What about them?” That was what the members of the ‘Advising Counsel’ said when Akin told them the secret was in the numbers.

  • ‘Listen to me carefully my friends. We use numbers in everything. We use to them to measure, to design, to build, to plant and the list goes on and on. In other words, we use them to study everything and yet we’ve never thought of studying numbers themselves. Think of all the wonderful things we’ve done using numbers and imagine what more we can do if we study numbers and unlock more of their secrets.’
  • ‘But this is so obvious. How could we miss that?’ asked one member of the counsel
  • ‘Because, my friend, we always took them for granted. We assumed that addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are the only things we can do and use.’
  • ‘So what do you suggest to do?’
  • ‘Create a new group of thinkers devoted to unlocking the secrets of numbers. We can call it ‘Key Thinkers’ for their importance’

The ‘Key Thinkers’ team was created and akin was one of the thinkers in this team. During many years they unlocked the mysteries of numbers. Starting from simple operations up to complex calculus and geometry that helped them unlock many secrets in every other field. They were so superior in their knowledge. They were even more advanced than we ever wished to be. But good things cannot last forever.

Long after Akin died, this group kept progressing and revealing more secrets every day. Everyone was looking forward to this group to come up with something new that will help solve a problem. Naturally, the ‘Key Thinkers’ started to gain more authority over the other thinkers and people. The ‘Key Thinkers’ started to feel that they are superior and better than others. So, they thought it is their right to have some control over things. So, for the first time in Atlantis history, the ‘Key Thinkers’ decided that no one will start working on any new idea until they approve of it. People didn’t think of it a lot in the beginning because they had so much respect for the ‘Key Thinkers’, so it was obvious that after sometime they will gain full control over the people. They didn’t stop at that, they also decided that no one is allowed to apply to join the group. They and only they will decide who they should invite to join. After some decades, it became worse. Some of the members thought that it was rude to be named ‘Thinkers’ like any other thinker in the country. So, they started looking for a new name. There were tens of suggestions that came up but none was good enough. Until one day one of the members told them about the old tales and myths about a group called ‘The Abyss’. He didn’t know if it was true or just bedtime tales but he liked the name. He felt it suits their position and power more than any other name. The name got approved by the majority and it was declared that now ‘The Abyss’ is the only authority and it is more powerful and righteous than any other group.

But the people of Atlantis were different than the people who lived under the control of ‘The Abyss’ in the first days of modern humans or the ancient civilizations. They were smart and they were all ‘thinkers’. At first they were being drifted along because they only thought about their works and they had great respect to the ‘Key Thinkers’. But this name change, how trivial it is, made a huge difference. It didn’t feel that this group are thinkers anymore. So, there were protests and objections but ‘The Abyss’ was ready for anything. It turns out that they have been building and storing weapons for a long time to suppress any objection that may arise. The other thinkers didn’t surrender. They were thinkers after all so they started building their own weapons. The country became divided into two parts. All the thinkers created one camp called ‘Freethinkers’ and the ‘The Abyss’ was the other camp. For years each party was devoting their best brains to create more powerful weapons. As a result, in a very short time they created weapons stronger than anything humanity has ever seen. There were wars and a lot of destruction everywhere.

Until one day, everything was gone. Literally gone. Atlantis was no more. They vanished from the surface of the ocean. Many many centuries later with our technology we found their remains in the bottom of the Atlantic ocean.

That was another chapter closed, my son, in the battle between ‘The Abyss’ and the free thinking and creativity for the good of the people. So, you can see now that ‘The Abyss’ is not a specific group of people, it refers to a way of thinking. It refers to a state of mind. It refers to the obsession of the control over knowledge. Because knowledge is power. Once you have it you can do anything, good or bad. So, let’s move on to see how, where and when ‘They Abyss’ rise again.

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