Chapter 5 (Extinction)



After Akhenaten’s death, ‘The Abyss’ rose again and in a short time Egyptians threw away everything Akhenaten forced them to do and returned to their beliefs before Akhenaten. ‘The Abyss’ was in control again.

Meanwhile, in another part of Earth. More specifically in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, there was another civilization with a more interesting story. Its name was ‘Atlantis’.

While other civilizations were moving very slowly in different parts of the world, there was a small continent in the middle of the Atlantic ocean called ‘Atlantis’, dah. This place was isolated from everywhere, nobody knew about its existence. This place had a special group of people who preserved all the old tales of ‘The Abyss’. They agreed with ‘The Abyss’ in their thirst for inventing new stuff and knowledge but they were different in that they believed it should be free for all with no central authority or control over knowledge. They began with making little observations and creating simple tools to facilitate their lives. But what made them different from anybody else at that time is their thirst for knowledge. They didn’t wait for chance and luck to lead them to knowledge and inventions, they were searching for them. In a very short time they had a pretty good collection of tools and inventions that made them superior to other civilizations.

They passed knowledge to every generation and to everyone. They had groups of people for almost everything. A group for creating agricultural tools, another for building methods, another for crafting and so on. They called them ‘Thinkers’. But they were lacking one thing. They didn’t know how to make a systematic approach for their methods. How to connect everything together.

Until one day, the young thinker ‘Akin’ found something interesting. Something that would change his entire life. Actually, it would change the life of the entire continent. Akin was a member of the ‘Advising Counsel’. Their job was to try and help the other thinkers with the problems they face when they are trying to create something new or solve a certain problem. The members of this counsel were chosen as the smartest people of the society. They have to pass through a thorough testing process to join the counsel. The counsel had 20 members and they can leave the counsel at any time or after they spend 5 years advising in the counsel. The point is to give space for new people to join so they will have fresh brains all the time.

Akin was troubled by the chaos of the creativity they have in their community. He didn’t believe that inventions and ideas can be that random. He believed that they all had something in common and it has to be very obvious to be shared by so many and diverse inventions. That annoyed him so much for if that common thing really existed and it was that obvious, that means the best brains available couldn’t see it. Some part of him wished that his idea is false so they don’t turn out to be too stupid to miss an obvious fact. But he couldn’t just ignore it. The possibility of randomness and chaos to be true and dominant bothered him so much. He spent a long time observing and analyzing. He thought he needed more time so he left the counsel to have enough time for his research. He tried to get other smart people with him but they rejected his idea because if there was such a thing it would be too obvious to miss.

Akin almost gave up and was convinced that he is obsessed with something that does not exist. But one day, it just happened. He was in his room thinking when someone knocked his door. It was ‘Os’ one of the new young thinkers in the agriculture department.

– ‘Hi Os, how can I help you?’
– ‘I need help with a problem’
– ‘Os, you know that I’m not in the counsel anymore’
– ‘I know, but I used to take your advice every time when you were on the counsel and you’re the only one who knows about the details of my work. You were also a thinker in agriculture before you move to the counsel.’
– ‘Ok. Let me see what you have’
– ‘All right. The problem is about using a piece of land in an efficient way to plant different crops. I have accounted for everything. I took a lot of measures, did a lot of experiments but I’m stuck every time.’
– ‘Let me see your results’
– ‘Here. You can see all the numbers I’ve got. Numbers for different crops timelines, numbers for land measurements, numbers for……’
– ‘Akin? Are you alright? Are u with me?’

Akin was not listening, his mind seemed floating far away. Os saw a familiar bright look in Akin’s eyes and he knew that look. Everyone in Atlantis knew that look, it is the look of victory. Akin has this look every time he comes up with something brilliant and amazing. Os was excited and he asked ‘Did u figure it out? Did u find a solution to my problem?’. Akin looked at him and said:

  • ‘Your problem? I found a solution to all of our problems: past, present and future’
  • ‘What is it?’

Akin had a very wide smile on his face and said only one word, ‘Numbers’

Then there was a revolution and an extinction.

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