Chapter 4 (Dismay)



Now their goal was complete. They have their small highly powerful group who took control of almost everything and everyone in the name of ‘religion’. They created so many gods to make the people almost always busy and confused between all of them. This technique was very successful that other believers of ‘The Abyss’ in other civilizations in other areas started doing the same thing. Some of them had the idea independently and some of them copied from others. The main goal is to revive ‘The Abyss’ again and forever this time. And it was working. People were like slaves to the priests and no one could object. But ‘The Abyss’ didn’t believe that this can go on forever without trouble, so they were prepared for anything. It didn’t seem that they will need it until came one man. One special man.


Akhenaten was a Pharaoh and no one thought that he is any different than any other Pharaoh. But this man was special. He saw and realized the extreme power in the hands of the priests. They were above anyone else even Pharaohs themselves. He was the only one who realized that and decided to do something about it. Akhenaten started to put a smart plan to decrease their power. So, as I told you earlier, ‘The Abyss’s’ real source of power was the multi gods they created for people to follow. They confused the people with them and they manipulated these so-called gods in many ways to achieve their purposes. Sometimes, they may create a new god that takes the responsibilities of one of the old gods. Sometimes they create more than one god for the same thing. That was the main focus of Akhenaten. So, he chose the sun as the most powerful, strong, bright thing in the universe (for them at that time). He slowly started to emphasize the importance and greatness of the solar gods until they squeezed all other gods. Then, he chose only one god of the sun, Aten, and used him to replace the other solar god, Amun. Slowly and gradually, the Egyptians had (for the first time) only one god, Aten.

This plan was a hit in the face to ‘The Abyss’. All what they worked for was being destroyed. Akhenaten knew that they will not stand still watching him taking over everything. So, he made another surprise hit. He ordered his ‘police’ to go all over the country and destroy any temple of any other god. He crushed anyone who objected to worship Aten as the one and the only god. Moreover, to guarantee his absolute control over the people, he assigned himself as the Earthly representative of Aten. Meaning that Egyptians must worship Akhenaten in order to worship Aten. Later, he called himself ‘The Priest of Aten’. By this well organized religious revolution, he almost destroyed ‘The Abyss’ and took all control to himself. No one else in the country is now more powerful than him.

The truth is ‘The Abyss’ members realized that Akhenaten is now the new Abyss. Because what he is doing is the same beliefs of ‘The Abyss’. But now he is the only member of it and this was not tolerable by them. They worked for centuries and he took everything away in a few years. They decided to use their secret knowledge of poisons to put an end to this. In a short time, Akhenaten started showing strange symptoms. Slender nick, narrow eyes, full lips, rounded thighs and large breasts. His symptoms match some recently known diseases like Froehlich’s Syndrome and Marfan’s Syndrome. He died at 1334 B.C. after only 18 years of ruling which is relatively short period for a Pharaoh to rule.

After Akhenaten’s death, ‘The Abyss’ rose again and in a short time Egyptians threw away everything Akhenaten forced them to do and returned to their beliefs before Akhenaten. ‘The Abyss’ was in control again.

Meanwhile, in another part of Earth. More specifically in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, there was another civilization with a more interesting story. Its name was ‘Atlantis’.

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Akhenaten’s Religious Revolution


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