Chapter 3 (Control)





Now that religion came into the equation, there was a new course for ‘The Abyss’. Religion was a bless to believers and a curse to ‘The Abyss’.

It was the ‘Blessed Curse‘.

The struggle and fight between religion and ‘The Abyss’ took a significant turn with the Great Flood of Noah. That flood took almost all of humanity (including ‘The Abyss’). It was there to make a fresh start. A start with people who know God and worship him. But that was not actually the end of ‘The Abyss’. The flood survivors were believers but they saved with them the tales of the old fights and ‘The Abyss’ group and their beliefs.

And that was the beginning of a total new chapter in that ancient fight.

People started populating the Earth and forming small communities and villages. Each group started to develop a language of its own under the effect of all the environment factors. For example, People in the mountains were tougher than people in villages and so on. Then, they started going bigger and formed entire civilizations. The world was – for a while – in peace. But, people love power. They love control. That’s our nature. There were wars, hate, occupations and a lot of blood.

Now our story moves to Ancient Egypt. It was one of the very first great human civilizations in our history. They developed their own alphabet (Hieroglyphics). They started documenting most of their lifestyle on walls and Papyrus paper. They were very clever with Geometry, Astronomy and different other fields. But not every one.

By then, people forgot all about ‘The Abyss’ except for a very few. They didn’t forget because they believed in everything ‘The Abyss’ believed in and their ancestors told them about it. They wanted to revive ‘The Abyss’ again and to control everything and everyone. But, they also remember what happened to ‘The Abyss’ when they tried to fight religion. They were smart and they knew that religion will win in the next fight as well. So, they decided to be creative. They reminded people of religion again. Yes, this group of ‘The Abyss’ believers, started to create a religion of their own as part of their master plan. They thought that if religion will win against the dark ideas of ‘The Abyss’, why not create ‘The Abyss’ under the cover of religion? Why not revive the dark ideas under the blindness created by the religion “light” given to its followers?

Therefore, they created a religion with many gods. A god for the sun, a god for the sky a god for Earth, a god for the Dead, a god for destruction, …….. etc. They created over the years more than 2000 gods and goddesses. Some of them were global gods for all Egyptians and some were created locally for different areas and people. This group of people named themselves ‘High Priests’. They declared themselves the only medium between the people and those gods. They were also smart not to put themselves higher than anything because this will draw much attention and conflict. They let the Pharaohs run the country while they actually run everything from the darkness. They were untouchable and all their knowledge was secret. Nobody was allowed to gain insight on them. They started creating rituals of their own and some of them were very complicated that no one else could comprehend. Actually, until recently our modern day scientists had difficulty understanding how they did some of their works.

Now their goal was complete. They have their small highly powerful group who took control of almost everything and everyone in the name of ‘religion’. They created so many gods to make the people almost always busy and confused between all of them. This technique was very successful that other believers of ‘The Abyss’ in other civilizations in other areas started doing the same thing. Some of them had the idea independently and some of them copied from others. The main goal is to revive ‘The Abyss’ again and forever this time. And it was working. People were like slaves to the priests and no one could object. But ‘The Abyss’ didn’t believe that this can go on forever without trouble, so they were prepared for anything. It didn’t seem that they will need it until came one man. One special man.


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