Chapter 2 (Blessed Curse)



It all started when a group of the very early humans discovered how to create ‘Fire’. For a long time fire was created by nature for example when a lightning hit some trees in the forest, and it scared the hell out of us back then. Until Dong came. He – by chance – discovered how to make fire by friction energy. But back then not he – nor anyone – knew why it happened. They just knew how to make it happen. And that’s, my son, the definition of magic for man. But, as expected from humans, instead of passing it around he and the very few he trusted formed a higher group with the secret of creating fire. Everyone else was supposed to obey and follow them to get their own fire.

That’s my son the first time in history we were introduced to ‘The Abyss‘.

The Abyss, was the name that group gave to themselves. Of course, ‘The Abyss’ is the English translation of the original name in their old ancient language. Normal people stayed under the control of ‘The Abyss’ for centuries. They knew how to do many things that were unnatural to the normal people. And they made sure no one outside ‘The Abyss’ will ever know the secrets to their methods.

‘The Abyss’ had one problem. Back then man didn’t invent writing yet. The only means of conveying and keeping information was by carving drawings on walls and stones. ‘The Abyss’ couldn’t trust this method because it was difficult to move and keep safe and away from normal people. So, they only depended on the direct methods of transferring their knowledge and experience. But all this changed with the second most interesting invention in the history of mankind.


Now, this one is a little bit confusing. With all the DNA research, technology and records we have it is still difficult to point a single man in history for the invention of writing. So, we preferred to go with the most probable theory. What we have indicates that the most probable place for the oldest writings was in Babel (what is known now as Iraq). As for the inventor, one of the most probable theories that it was the prophet Enoch. But again, we are not 100% sure of anything yet. Actually, Babel will have a great part in this story because many things happened in these areas. Many things and many people like Enheduanna. Well, but just let’s not get far ahead, we’ll come to that later.

Enoch was an interesting case in this story. We are not sure if he was the first human to invent writing but we are pretty sure that he was a very wise man. He was very good in astronomy as well. ‘The Abyss’ saw this as a great opportunity to save their knowledge secretly in a way that takes a small amount of material that is easy to keep safe and away and to move when needed. But they wanted more. They considered – for the first time in ‘The Abyss’ history since Dong The Great founded it – to invite Enoch to join them. They thought his wisdom would be a great addition to their group. But Enoch did what they didn’t expect. He started reminding people to worship God.

Well, That time was about 6 centuries from Adam Apple incident. People almost forgot about God and they needed a reminder. ‘The Abyss’ didn’t like that because this threatens their power and authority over people. So, they decided that if they couldn’t make Enoch join their group, then they will fight his ideas and callings to people. That was a really tough period of time, and ‘The Abyss’ were powerful and stubborn. Some people believed Enoch and some didn’t. Some remembered their God and some denied his existence. And as you know this is the case for almost our entire timeline on Earth.

Now that religion came into the equation, there was a new course for ‘The Abyss’. Religion was a bless to believers and a curse to ‘The Abyss’. The struggle and fight between religion and ‘The Abyss’ took a significant turn with the Great Flood of Noah. That flood took almost all of humanity (including ‘The Abyss’). It was there to make a fresh start. A start with people who know God and worship him. But that was not actually the end of ‘The Abyss’. The flood survivors were believers but they saved with them the tales of the old fights and ‘The Abyss’ group and their beliefs.

And that was the beginning of a total new chapter in that ancient fight.

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