Chapter 1 (The Abyss)



Here starts our story, my first #A2Z post this year. If you have no idea about my theme you  can find it here.It is just worth noting that there is some fiction included to build the story around the actual science. So, we can say it is ‘Historical Fiction of Actual Science’ 😀

Conan was driving back home after a long day in ‘Future Labs’, his own company, and he was urging to have some rest. He had great responsibilities as being both the CEO of the company and project manager for one of the most important teams.
When he opened the door, he found his lovely wife, Sara, waiting for him with a big smile on her face.
“Oh not today I’m super tired and I want to sleep.” Conan said. He knew the meaning of that smile. It meant that their 8 years-old smart kid, Albert, was still awake and that meant he will interrogate Conan to know the details of the day at the labs and the projects they are working on. He went directly to Albert’s room and expected to find – as usual – his son waiting for him with the world’s most excited look on his face. But, that was not the case. Albert was lying on his back in the bed and he looked very troubled.
Conan has never seen his son so troubled before. He asked, “What’s wrong Albert?”. Albert, sat on the bed and he was as direct as always, “My colleague, Don, told me that your dad is a bad wizard and the people should destroy his work and life and banish him”. Albert was surprised, he didn’t hear that title in decades. “What does Don’s father do?” Conan asked praying that it would be anything but the answer he knew was right.
“A religious man of some sort, I’m not even sure what religion they follow”.
The look on Conan’s face was more than enough to release all the curiosity inside Albert’s brain. “Dad, you know you should tell me what that means and why did he say that”, said Albert with his usual determination.
Conan: “Son, it is a very long and old story”
Albert: “And I will not sleep until I hear it, you know that”
Conan: “Unfortunately, I know. Ok, I will tell you everything and then I will deal with that matter with your school director”
Conan knew it will be a very long night.

The story began with the birth of the universe. God was preparing the universe for the arrival of his various creatures. One of the interesting planets was our planet, The Earth. It was in a perfect place in the solar system for creating life as we know it. But let’s fast forward some million years. During those years, all sorts of life were populating the Earth until the first humans arrived. Some say God created them, others believe it was just a normal evolutionary process but what matters is they arrived. And with their arrival everything changed, and will keep changing forever.

During our time on Earth, many many incidents happened. Many of them were life-changing. We had just few clues about what happened from some ancient writings and drawings here and there. Until the recent breakthrough of decrypting all the information in our DNA and finding most of our ancestors memories waiting there for us. We now have a very very clear vivid picture of what happened to our human race during our time here on Earth.

It all started when a group of the very early humans discovered how to create ‘Fire’. For a long time fire was created by nature for example when a lightning hit some trees in the forest, and it scared the hell out of us back then. Until Dong came. He – by chance – discovered how to make fire by friction energy. But back then not he – nor anyone – knew why it happened. They just knew how to make it happen. And that’s, my son, the definition of magic for man. But, as expected from humans, instead of passing it around he and the very few he trusted formed a higher group with the secret of creating fire. Everyone else was supposed to obey and follow them to get their own fire.

That’s my son the first time in history we were introduced to ‘The Abyss’


>Chapter 2 (Blessed Curse)


7 thoughts on “Chapter 1 (The Abyss)

  1. doreenb8

    This is going to be interesting to follow, I have a brand new interest in Science. Good luck with the challenge!

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