#A2Z A Magical Story about Science


I started participating in #A2Z challenge since 2014 and my themes so far were related to science. Well, one reason would be that I’m a science addict but another reason may be the negligence of science in my home country ‘Egypt’.

So, I thought maybe after writing about past and future life-changing inventions, maybe I should do something different this time. So, I decided to create a simple story, a 26-parts story. A story that briefly tells the history of science in an interesting way that can (hopefully) attract kids worldwide to science. A story that will make them respect science and ‘nerds’. I hope the adult readers here will like it as well.

Here is how the story will go:


Once upon a time in mankind history, the whole world was dark with all the ignorance and submission to black magic. Until a group of wizards decided to change everything. They decided to create a new kind of magic, or more accurately, explore it. Because it was already there from the beginning of time.

These wizards have gone into extreme battles with the dark forces to save people from them. But to learn the methods and amazing spells of that new magic they had to learn a strange unearthly heavenly language. A language written by God himself. A language so complicated that only the best wizards could grasp it.

What will happen? How will these wizards fight the dark forces? Will the battle ever end?

This is a brief series about a battle that spans centuries and generations of humans. A battle that has lots of ups and downs. A battle about understanding the language of God to break the code of the most powerful magic in the universe.

The language is called “Mathematics” and the new magic is called “Science”.

Chapter 1 (The Abyss)


11 thoughts on “#A2Z A Magical Story about Science

  1. Sounds like a very educational theme. My daughter homeschools her kiddos, I’ll bet she would appreciate your posts as well! Thanks for stopping by and liking my theme!

  2. Wow, that’s an ambitious theme! I love the idea behind it.

    I’ve always wanted to visit Egypt, so I hope you sneak some of your culture and home country into the fiction. 🙂

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