Zootopia #A2Z Challenge



Well, the A2Z challenge is over. It is the last day of April with the last letter of alphabet. And we’re not talking about future technologies this time. I’m writing about

Zootopia (The Zoo Of The Future)



Zoos are becoming more boring to frequent visitors year after year because it is already the same animals, the same routine and the same of everything. So, people came up with the idea of the ‘Safari’. Safari where you can be in a car (a shielded car) and roam between all kinds of animals. Safari is a bit more exciting than traditional zoos but it is not the difference we want, the difference that can take us to the zoo every now and then.

So, what about another type? Another perspective? What about if we have a zoo that no one or thing is put in cages. No caged animals like in traditional zoos and no caged humans like in safaris. Both people and animals are side to side in the same area. How is that? Well, it is not very clear yet, but the Danish architecture company BIG is working on the concept to apply on Givskud Zoo in central Denmark. They named this project Zootopia and it will be on 1,200,000 m2 area.

Here are a couple of videos showing the concept:


3 thoughts on “Zootopia #A2Z Challenge

  1. Congratulations on completing another A to Z. Not sure about being on the same side of the fence as lions or tigers and I worry for cute animals like meerkats that they might be overwhelmed by their human visitors. However new developments which encourage education and understanding about our environment are to be applauded.

  2. Arlee Bird

    Good for you for completing the Challenge! Thanks for your participation. You had some fascinating posts. I look forward to seeing where the zoos of the future head.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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