X-Men #A2Z Challenge



Most of us have watched the amazing series “X-Men” and admired them all. You may even – like most of the series fans – chose one of them as your own best hero. You may also reached the edge to wish to have just one of their superpowers. That’s why I’m writing today about

X-Men “Human Superpowers”



Can we ever have the “X-Men” in our future world? Can humans ever possess superpowers?

The human brain is a very powerful member in our body. Actually, what science uncovers about it every day makes it one of the strongest and mysterious features in the universe. It is capable of doing things we’ve never thought of. You can watch this video containing examples of 10 humans who have (or had) what we can call superpowers:

According to Real Clear Science, the brain can give orders so we can have abnormal strength, regenerative powers like the placebo effect and hyper athleticism.

Isao Machii, a Japanese laido master who can process his surroundings in a different and faster way than normal humans. In this video you can watch him using a samurai sword to cut a pellet 4,000 times smaller than a baseball shot from a gun to travel 2,000 mph.

There is also Ben Underwood who lost his sight at the age of 3 but he is doing his regular activities by sound. He clicks his teeth and sense for their echo to understand his surroundings. Can you believe that?

Here is a research by Mark Changizi about the human superpowers related to our eyes. He discovered that the human vision has some incredible unknown powers in itself.

So, do you think science can teach us how to gain superpowers in the future? Or more accurately how to use our already-existing undiscovered superpowers? And if so, which superpower do you like to have?


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