Wireless Energy #A2Z Challenge



In this letter, I was puzzled between 3 concepts: “Wireless Energy”, “Weather Control” and “Warp Drive“. All of them are world-changing technologies. But I decided to go with my favorite topic

Wireless Energy



Imagine that there are almost no more wires. You’re walking in the street and your phone is discharged, but you’re not worried because you can just make your phone receive cheap (almost free) energy from the air. Imagine that to all kind of batteries even your future electric car’s battery. Even in your home there is no more need for cables because everything is receiving wireless energy from the air. Well, you may say that this is definitely a bright future. Sure, it will be. But my problem is that it didn’t have to be a future it could have been our past and present. Why? Because of one genius man, Nikola Tesla.


This man is considered by many (including me) the greatest scientist in history, and sadly the most unknown one to the public. Tesla discovered the concept of free wireless energy over a hundred years ago. But his problem was with the human greed. He created very powerful enemies. Enemies that hated the idea of free energy for business and profit reasons. Enemies including his old boss, Thomas Edison. No doubt Edison was a brilliant scientist, but his main work was for money and powerful clients. Both of them had a long war which is known in history as the “War of Currents“. Of course, Edison won this war. He is the one with so many powerful connections. You can also look for some details about Tesla’s war with Marconi in my post about Radio invention. Tesla was really a poor man.

But lately after years of Tesla’s death he is beginning to gain recognition in the scientific medium. Tesla had many great ideas some of them are shown in this video:

One of these ideas is the Tesla Coil which is a tower transmitting free wireless electricity. You can watch a video of men in special suits playing with it here:

Do you want to create your own Mini Tesla Coil? Watch this video:

One company with a promising work in the field of achieving efficient wireless energy is Witricity.

Wanna know more about Tesla? here is a documentary about this great scientist.


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