Virtual Reality #A2Z Challenge



In my theme of “Future Technologies“, the letter “V” represents

Virtual Reality


Have you ever wished to have the actual experience of your favorite action movie or video game? I know you may have been to IMAX, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about being in the middle of events. Being a participant instead of a spectator. Looking left, right, up and down but seeing nothing of your own boring world. You will see a whole different world everywhere around you.

Imagine that you wear some kind of gadget (some goggles for example), connect them to your video game and then you are in the game. That is what we call VR or Virtual Reality.

VR can have many useful applications other than the entertainment industry. It can be used in urban planning and architecture. It can be used in online meetings. It can create a virtual co-working space. We can go on endlessly about the possible future uses of VR.

The most promising solutions in VR technology:

Here is a video about explaining more about VR:

Another video showing other 5 promising VR solutions:

And you can find on YouTube a lot of videos about VR solutions in experience you can see how the users feel when they are testing the devices. Got interested about it? Tell us in the comments how you would use the VR technology.


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