Upload Your Mind To A Computer #A2Z Challenge



“Upload my mind to a computer? Are U F***in’ serious?” Actually This “To-Be” future technology is going to change our world forever. For this letter I started by thinking about the amazing “Utility Fog” technology. But “Utility Fog” is just a microscopic version of Claytronics and Programmable Matter which we discussed before. So, let’s see how you can plug a USB flash drive and backup your brain 😀

Uploading Your Mind



Mind uploading is STILL a science fiction concept introduced by some futurists. We still need a lot of technological breakthroughs before we can achieve that goal. The main breakthrough is what we call “Technological Singularity” which means the point when the technology’s AI surpasses our own ability of understanding. They can develop themselves faster and farther than us. The Google engineer Ray Kurzweil thinks we can reach this stage by 2045 and others think it won’t be until 2100.

But don’t we as well need to fully understand the most ambiguous feature of our human brain which is our “Consciousness” to be able to transfer our brain into a digital form? Well, some groups don’t think so. They believe if we just blindly copied exact replicas of every neuron in our brain then this would do the job.

So, aside from the possibility of the concept, is it bad or good?

It actually depends on how we would use it. The benefits of it are many. We can backup our own brains forever and implant them in new bodies for example. While I ethically disagree with this use, but will the new body with my old brain be really me? I will leave the answer of this Too Complex question to the really really good WBW’s blog about the truth of you. We can use these digital copies to create new types of intelligence. An artificial one combined with a semi-human one. Did you think about Cryonics? The practice of freezing clinically dead people in liquid nitrogen with the hope of future reanimation? Can we use this technology to save them by transferring their minds to new sound bodies? Well, you can just unleash your mind and imagine the uses of such a technology.

Now let’s discuss the bad side of it. Some think that this technology is impossible to achieve for many reasons. But even if we could, is it ethically right? Can we protect it from hacking? I have the  answer to this last question. DEFINITELY NO. There is no 100% foolproof security system and there will never be. Can it get out of control? So many questions, mostly ethical, are aroused about Mind Uploading. But, what do you think my reader?

Do you think it is good? Then what would you use it for?

Do you think it is bad? Tell us why?


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