3D Printing #A2Z Challenge



“3” starts with the letter “T”, right? I’m writing about one of the most amazing technologies that will make our lives much easier.

3D Printing



Imagine that you have some guests at your place and you found that you don’t have enough glasses for all of them. Instead of being embarrassed, you just go to your office, download a 3d model of a glass from the internet and send it to your 3D printer to get as many glasses as you want for you guests. Imagine that you almost don’t need to buy anything at all. You just print what you need.

The amazing 3D printing technology have many many awesome uses which we discussed some in yesterday’s post about self-replicating machines. This technology still needs a lot of improvements especially in the printing speed, but the development is going very fast.

Did you know that a Chinese company used 3D printers to print FULL-SIZED houses?

Also, 3D printers can be used to print very complex mechanisms like guns:

As if scientists were not satisfied with 3D printing, they invented 4D printing. 4D printing uses the same 3D printing techniques but with the addition of water the printed object change its shape to take another form.

What if you have a 3D printer or a 4D one? How would you use it? Tell us in the comments


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