Self-Replicating Machines #A2Z Challenge



Today’s letter “R” leads us to a new interesting technology that still in its early stages and will really affect our future world in the coming years.

Self-Replicating Machines


Self-Replicating machines ,as the name indicates, are machines capable of reproducing. A machine that can reproduce parts or another exact copy of itself. How cool is that?

This technology is very promising. Just try to imagine the applications and let me give you some hints. Imagine its uses with NASA research. A satellite in space got a damaged part, NASA spends millions of dollars to just fix or replace this damaged part. Now, imagine the case with a self-replicating satellite. When it has a damaged part it can just reproduce it and install the new part automatically without the need to interfere or spend any more money at all. The same applies to very long distance travel spaceships.

Imagine the possible uses at everyone’s home. You may never need to send any broken device to repair again. The research in this field is going on very good. A team at Cornell University managed to create a self-assembling machine. RepRap is a 3D printer that can 3d print an exact copy of itself and here is a video example:




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