Robots #A2Z Challenge



I can’t be writing about “Future Technologies That May Change Our World” without writing about Robots or more accurately “Smart Robots”



Robots are a very important field of research and development of Artificial Intelligence. I’m sure I don’t need to write a lot of details about robots. You had plenty of them in Sci-Fi movies and novels. Just let’s try to imagine how the advancement in Robotics can affect our future world. Of course, smart humanoid robots are still in its early stages, but we’re on the way to what you watch in movies.

You can have robots that can do nearly everything: home service, security, hard work, dirty work, …. etc. We would be just the managers of these robots. We would have more time to spend thinking and developing more amazing technologies. I’ll stop writing and talking now and will leave you with videos of one of the smartest robots on Earth, Honda’s ASIMO and a bunch of other robots videos.

I’ll start with my favorite video of ASIMO, the video that shows its amazing skills and intelligence:

These videos are just a glimpse of what you can find. You can use this link to get a whole list of videos about smart robots:


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