Nanotechnology #A2Z Challenge



Yesterday I wrote you a post about Medical Nanobots and you learned that it was one of the many many applications of Nanotechnology. So, Today we will discover more about the future that awaits us if we developed Nanotechnology ultimately.After all, it is my A2Z theme for this year 🙂



Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale. I won’t dig much into its technicalities and theories. I will go straight about its future and current applications to answer the question of my theme “How will our future world look like with Nanotech in it?”

The idea of nanotech is when you manipulate matter on the molecular scale you can do unimaginable things to that matter. A team at Ohio State University was able to create a stainless steel mesh that can capture oil and let water through. We can use nanotech to identify early Gastric Cancer. Nanotech may change the electrical grid as we know it. One of the most amazing future uses of nanotech is the NanoClothing technology. Nanoclothes are proof for almost anything. No particles can attach to the nanofabric. That means your clothes will be water-proof, dirt-proof, dust-proof and almost anything-proof. There will be no need to ever wash your clothes again. Nanoclothes may also eliminate the need for indoors heating. Here are a couple of videos showing how nanofabrics rebel liquids.

Nanotechnology has so many applications. We can use silver nanoparticles in bandages to heal wounds faster. Nanotechnology can make any technology very cheap to use and buy. In brief, Nanotechnology will change our world for good. It will be like an earthquake that will turn our world upside down.

Here is a link to a very good thought simulation to take you closer to Nanotech.

Here are more sources if you want to take a good deep look into the amazing applications of nanotech:

The TV series “Nanotechnology: The Power of Small”

How nanotech was used in Pre-modern era



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