Medical Nano-bots #A2Z Challenge



It is already half way through the A2Z challenge. Today is the 15th day of the month and we’re meeting with the letter “M” to match my “Future Technologies” theme. At first I was interested with the “Mind Reading” technology, but I remembered i already wrote a post about the mind earlier in this theme. Also, there is already a very good post out there talking about the effect of mind reading upon our future. So, I will now write about:

Medical Nanobots


Nanobots are one application of Nanotechnology which is the design and manufacture of microscopic objects. Nanobots are microscopic robots and their very predicted main usage would be in medicine (nanomedibots).

If you previously watched the 1966 classic movie “Fantastic Voyage“, you would have a grasp of what I’m talking about. The movie tells the story of a medical team trying to cure a man by removing a blood clot using Laser. They used a vehicle and shrank it to a microscopic size and then they injected themselves inside the man.

Nanomedibots will be able to repair damaged or diseased tissues at the molecular level. The circulatory system is a natural highway for these devices and the nanomedibots will cruise through the blood stream to the area of distress. They may be used to attach themselves to specific cells, such as cancer cells, and report the position and structure of these tissues.

This may sound like far sci-fi, but the truth is scientists have already taken many steps in that road. A team at University of California, San Diego managed to prove that artificial, microscopic machines can travel inside a living creature and deliver their medicinal load without any detrimental effects. Using micro-motor powered nanobots propelled by gas bubbles made from a reaction with the contents of the stomach in which they were deposited, these miniature machines have been successfully deployed in the body of a live mouse.

Here is an animated video showing the concept of replacing a damaged neuron by a nanobot. A concept that can be achieved in the “not so far” future using nanotechnology.


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