Language Become Virtually Universal #A2Z Challenge



For the “L” letter in my theme, I will write about one of the most important world-shaping things.


Universal Language

Whether you’re getting a scholarship in a foreign country, going to work or study there or even just visiting a friend, you’ll be stuck with the language barrier. It is probable that when you visit a new country, they would have a different language than yours. Even if they can understand your language (more possible with English speakers), sometimes they are very proud with their native tongue that they refuse to communicate with you unless you speak their language.

So, Imagine a future world with a universal language. A language that is spoken everywhere around the world. How unified and beautiful is that? Beautiful but unlikely.

Universal language projects have been established as early as Early Modern Europe in the 17th century.

Languages like Solresol and Volapük have been constructed. But the most successful universal language so far is Esperanto. Between 100,000 and 2,000,000 people worldwide fluently or actively speak Esperanto, including perhaps 1,000 native speakers who learned Esperanto from birth. Esperanto has a notable presence in 120. The Esperanto Wikipedia website contains to date 213,575 articles. And there are trials to make it an official second language in some countries.

So, why did I said it is unlikely that there would be a universal language one day? Because I believe some people like the French and German for example are very very very very proud with their native language. I believe they will never let it go for any reason.

Does that mean we should give up hope? NO, of course not. It still can be done VIRTUALLY.

Software like SpeechGear, SIGMO and Google Translate App are very promising in their instant voice translation techniques. You can speak in your native tongue and the app will hear you and instantly translate your words into grammatically correct and well structured phrases of the listener’s language. This technology is still in its first steps it is not 100% perfect. But, one day in the next 5 years – I believe – we would be using an application that would be 100% perfect.

So, A virtually universal language using these software solutions can be actually the barrier removal step we can take to solve the international communication problems and issues.

So, even if you one day want to speak in Dothraki, Middle-Earth languages, Valyrian, Na’vi or even Klingon, you can depend on these solutions to do it in the future.

Imagine a unified world with no language barriers at all. A virtually universal or real universal solution, it doesn’t matter. What matters is, I believe with a universal language most of our fights will have an end. It is a step closer to universal piece.

What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Language Become Virtually Universal #A2Z Challenge

  1. Interesting. A universal language means the death of so many languages i.e. the death of our differences our cultures, history and our uniqueness. English has already killed so many, even Arabic did. It isn’t that great when you think of all the risks, but I know what you mean, it doesn’t need to be a 1st universal language but at least a 2nd or third, still I don’t like the idea. I’m a linguist and these conversations has been going around me a lot.
    “Haneen/I Will Never Give you Up (430)”

      • Come on haneen. It is a discussion.
        It is the main purpose of blogs. Bloggers suggest their opinion about something and wait for the discussions to arise.
        If everyone is supporting my point of view then I will never learn anything new.

    • A good point of view here 🙂
      I’m not an expert in this field but is really the language difference the main reason of cultural difference?
      I mean at some point in history, all of Europe was talking in Latin. However, there was a diversity in Arts, Constructions, Social Life, …. etc
      I think that the difference comes from our own environment

      Still just my opinion after all 🙂

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