Interstellar Travel #A2Z Challenge



Today I will write about a very interesting topic (at least to me). It will be about something that surely is “A Future Technology That May Change Our World“. It is

Interstellar Travel


Here is a very interesting post about something called “Fermi’s Paradox“. Well, it is a pretty LONG post but it will grab you till the last letter. I’ll just mention what concerns my post here.

I’ll try to summarize some facts mentioned in the post so follow me here:

  • In our observable universe it is estimated that there are 1022 and 1024 stars. We will go with the lower number
  • 5% – 20% of these stars are argued to be “sun-like” stars. We will go with the 5%
  • That gives us 500 quintillion (billion billion) “sun-like” stars
  • The percentage of these “sun-like” stars to have Earth-like planets orbiting them goes from 22% – 50%. If we go with the 22% that gives us about 100 quintillion Earth-Like planets.
  • Let’s imagine that only 1% of these Earth-like planets develop some sort of life and 1% of that 1% gets the “intelligent” life. That leaves us with the possibility of 10 quadrillion (million billion) intelligent civilizations in the universe.
  • If we apply the same steps but only on the stars in our galaxy we will have 100,000 intelligent civilizations in our galaxy.

So, the “Fermi’s Paradox” is: “Where is everybody?”

Well, the WBW post digs really deep to answer this question, you’d better read it if you want to be thrilled. But what concerns us is the following question: “Isn’t that enough motive to create interstellar travel?”

Interstellar travel is the ability to travel between stars while Intergalactic travel is the ability to travel between whole galaxies. While there are some doubts about being able to pull all the energy required to push us to another solar system, but the research on interstellar travel is a very active research area everywhere around the world.

There are already many theories and spaceship designs about how to do it. Scientists in many organizations like NASA, Icarus Interstellar, Tau Zero Foundation and others are doing their best to overcome all the challenges in this area. These challenges are:

  1. Interstellar Distances
  2. Required Energy (One of the most argued challenges)
  3. Interstellar Medium
  4. Travel Time
  5. Communications

For those of you who are skeptics about other intelligent lives, we won’t waste our time, money or human resources just to find other intelligent beings. We can find other useful resources in other planets or solar systems. Resources that are rare here on Earth. We can discover new scientific facts and theories that would enhance our understanding of our own universe which may lead to scientific breakthroughs for the good of all humanity.

So, did you watch the amazing hit “Interstellar” movie? Imagine what would happen to us and our world if we really could do it at some point in the future.


2 thoughts on “Interstellar Travel #A2Z Challenge

  1. Arlee Bird

    I’ve yet to see the movie Interstellar. The topic is interesting though. I doubt whether I’ll see this travel in my lifetime.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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