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Hello all my followers and first-time readers. Today is the “H” day in the A2Z challenge where my theme is about “Future Technology That Would Change Our World“. And it will be about




Anyone who watched Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Gate, Iron Man, Avatar, G.I.Joe and many other films, series and even novels may remember witnessing the holograms.

In a nutshell, a hologram is a 3D image projected in space. You might think that you can watch 3D objects on a digital screen, right? No, it is just a simulation of the real 3D views. You FEEL like you are watching a 3D shape, but you are not actually seeing one. It is a 2D shape simulated to feel like a 3d one.

Holography research started as early as 1947 by British-Hungarian Scientist Denis Gabor who managed to create the first 2D hologram. Later in 1962, Emmett Leith and Jurith Upatnieks from Michigan University created the first 3D hologram.

Holography is a technique that enables a light field, which is generally the product of a light source scattered off objects, to be recorded and later reconstructed when the original light field is no longer present, due to the absence of the original objects. Holography can be thought of as somewhat similar to sound recording, whereby a sound field created by vibrating matter like musical instruments or vocal cords, is encoded in such a way that it can be reproduced later, without the presence of the original vibrating matter.

How this will affect and change our world? We can imagine countless uses of holograms but the most critical one is of course in communication. This technology will change the communications as we know it forever. Another example is tutoring. Imagine that instead of watching a video teaching something, you can actually watch a hologram with full-size objects with you in the same room.

Wanna be really amazed? Then watch this trailer about the new Hololens technology from Microsoft.

Here is another video showing you how to create simple holograms yourself.

Enjoy it and imagine how our world will be with holography.


5 thoughts on “Holography #A2Z Challenge

  1. right now I can’t watch the videos but I’ll be back later, thanks for your hard work and dedication on this theme I already have good story ideas to explorer, can’t wait for what you have next.

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