Global Free Internet #A2Z Challenge



Today we’re talking about “Global Free Internet” in the series of A2Z posts for my “Future Technologies That Would Change Our World” theme.

Global Internet


According to Internet.org2/3 of the world is not connected to the internet”. So, there are some trends in creating more affordable, more global internet to cover the entire Earth with very affordable prices (that can be actually neglected).

There are 3 promising projects in that trend:

1. Outernet:

Outernet is a start-up with a very ambisious team aiming to provide FREE internet access everywhere around the world. Their idea is pretty simple:



  1. Launch small satellites (Cubesats) into space around the Earth especially in areas with no Internet coverage.
  2. The users just get a small device called “The Lantern” which caches internet data from these small satellites. It updates the cached data frequently. So, You’re out of Internet in yourr area? No worries, there is a small satellite hovering above your head to feed your lantern with everything you need.

They depended on fund raising to make this dream come true. The amount of funds necessary to kickstart the project was $200,000. As of 20 November 2014, $224,167 had been raised. However, public participation was still encouraged until December 12, 2014, as the maximum donation is listed at $1,000,000,000

2. Google Loon Project:



Google intends to achieve the same goal using a different method. It is actually genius. They would just fly balloons all over the Earth. These balloons are connected to each other and to internet servers. Wherever you are, you may find a balloon over your head above the clouds feeding you with free internet forever. That’s not all, here is the genius part. These balloons don’t consume much energy to move. We know that there are different levels as you go up the sky. Each level has its own wind speed and direction. So, a balloon wants to go to point x. It just calculates the required atmosphere level it needs, then the motor just move it up or down until it reaches that level. After that it lets the wind give it a free drive to the point x. Brilliant, right?


Internet.org_Logo is a project created by Facebook, Samsung, Ericsson, MediaTek, Microsoft, Opera Software, Reliance and Qualcomm that aims to bring affordable Internet access to everybody by increasing affordability, increasing efficiency, and facilitating the development of new business models around the provision of Internet access.

They aim to make the internet 100x affordable by reducing the cost of the devices and reducing the accessed data as well.


So, you may know that all the innovation that we experience today comes from only 1/3 of the world’s minds connected to latest technology through the internet. Imagine what would happen if we live in a future where all the minds of the world are innovating together. Just Imagine.


3 thoughts on “Global Free Internet #A2Z Challenge

    • Actually Haneen, storms take place in the lower atmosphere levels. Those near to the ground. These balloons would be high up in the higher levels of Earth’s atmosphere. So, don’t worry about them 🙂

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