EcoTechnology #A2Z Challenge



Back after the Sunday break to a new post in my A2Z Challenge theme “Future Technologies That Would Change The World“. And today’s letter is “E” and it refers to


Photo manipulation of 01_Green City 015_City_in_Future

I believe that the worst thing that ever happened to our Planet Earth is US. Humans damaged this beautiful planet than any other good they did in their entire lifetime.

There is a new emerging trend in technology leaders to create and maintain Eco-Technology which is an applied science that seeks to fulfill human needs while causing minimal ecological disruption, by harnessing and manipulating natural forces to leverage their beneficial effects.

Imagine that we can undo the damage we did to Nature. Imagine a future when we can create high-tech without harming the beautiful landscapes around us. We can’t live without nature. But I’m sure nature can actually be very good without us.

Ecotechnology can really enhance our world. Actually It IS enhancing it. There are current eco projects that aim to improve the state of certain natural areas like Jordan Lake.


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