Cyberwarfare #A2Z Challenge


CAfter writing about “AI” and “Brain-Computer Interfaces” during my “Future Inventions That would Change Our World” theme, we will talk today about “Cyber Warfare”. Though it is not a beautiful promising thing like the previous two, but it really CAN change our future world.


You may know the term “Hacking” which refers to trying to hack into security systems for different various purposes. While this is not fair use for the word “Hacker” which means a very expert programmer, but this is how it is used now.

Cyberwarfare refers to using hacking techniques in Information Warfare. It kinda means hacking into corporations and organizations to steal their information and use it against them. Most of the time these attacks are launched against governmental organizations especially military sectors. But, don’t cheer up thinking that this is far away from you.

Cyberwarfare can be used in the near or far future as the usual means of sabotaging any military, financial and even personal information center. This time we will work against hidden, smart, weaponless enemies. They know us, they see us and they know what they can do with our information and more importantly how to get it no matter how we protect it.

This is a world-changing thing if it developed more in the near future.


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