Brain Interfaces #A2Z Challenge


BB is the 2nd letter in the #A2Z challenge this April. According to my theme  (Technologies That Would Change Our World) it will be about “Brain Interfaces”.

Brain Computer Interface

It is more common as “Brain Computer Interface” which means a technology that helps your brain to send data to a computer program and vice versa. This technology uses EEG methodology to create devices that are capable of reading your brain signals and interpreting them. They can detect when you blink, when you move your head, your emotions, your facial expressions and many other amazing stuff.

The best products so far are EPOC and Insght from the company EMOTIV. Imagine the applications for such technology. We already can use it to control matter helping quadriplegics, Telesurgery, Moving Wheelchairs, Creating Music Tracks, Gaming, Controlling robots, drones and cars, and lots of other AMAZING applications.

Still not thrilled yet? Here is the new interesting thing about it. Now, and for the first time, researchers managed to do “Brain To Brain Interface” or what we know by the name “Telepathy”. One researcher, attached to a brain-computer interface (BCI) in India, successfully sent words into the brain of another researcher in France, who was wearing a computer-to-brain interface (CBI).

So, just close your eyes and imagine this new technology and its applications after 10 or 20 years from now. What the world would be like when it dominates.


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