A2Z 2015 Challenge Theme Reveal (“Future Inventions”)



Now everyone is getting ready for the A2Z Challenge 2015 this April. As agreed, I will reveal my theme for the month today with the rest of the competitors. 

Last year my theme was “Inventions Stories” where I wrote about how many famous inventions came to our world and changed it. I had so much fun and knowledge in that theme last year. Now, for this year my theme would be “Future Inventions To Change The World“. I will try to gather information about inventions to be in the future, things that are being worked on and things that are still just an imagination. The issue here is unlike my last theme, I may not find “Future Inventions” for all the alphabetic letters. But I’ll do my best. In case I didn’t find a future invention for a certain letter. That letter won’t go for nothing, I promise you that 🙂 

Now, relax for the next week till we start off.