The TV Advertisement Paradox


“Why are companies still using TV ads till today?”

This question haunted me for a long time. We all know that advertising in a TV channel costs a lot of money based on the show and channel ratings. According to Variety, the top shows for 2014 costs a really big deal of money. The NBC Sunday Night Football costs around $623,425 for a 30-seconds slot ad. The hit show “The Walking Dead” costs $413,695. The hilarious “The Big Bang Theory” costs $327,885 which means that TBBT makes around $6.5 million per episode.

Have you ever asked yourself how are these numbers calculated? Well, actually they are based on many factors but the most important one is the show rating. There are companies like Nielsen that offers the service of measuring the audience for your show. Companies like this use many rating systems to make their measurements. Nielsen for example use the ‘Statistical Sampling‘ method. When the results come up, as you go up the list, the ad cost per second goes up as well.

So, as a business owner, you mainly pay for the ads service so you can attract as many customers as you can. Not to mention that some companies can do without advertising at all. But, here is my issue with TV ads. As a normal TV viewer, when I’m watching my favorite show and the commercial break begins, then I’m out 🙂

I mean all of us go to do whatever we wanna do while the commercials are on, right? Go to the bathroom to relieve yourself after a long suffering because you don’t want to miss the show, make a cup of tea, discuss the show with your friends or family or even do some facebooking and twittering on your phone till the commercials end, right? No one gives a shit about what the ads are advertising.

So again, as a businessman you don’t want that. You don’t want to spend thousands and millions of money on ads while you are getting nearly no interest back in your product. So, I asked myself “Why are companies still use TV ads that cost them so much with no useful gain in return, while they can use the Internet advertising which is a lot cheaper and more useful than TV ads?”

Actually, services like Facebook ads and Google Adwords program allows you to choose which demography, countries, ages, genders and even fields of work specialization you want your ad to show to. You don’t pay until someone actually finds your ad interesting and visits the link of your company or product (I know that mobile ads are based on ‘Per View’ not ‘Per Click). So, this way is more efficient and saves you a lot of money, right? Then why the hell don’t you use it?

After thinking things thoroughly, I found that the whole idea of not using TV ads anymore is HORRIBLE. Let me explain to you why:

Let’s imagine that all businesses around the world decided not to use TV ads anymore and use the more efficient method of Internet Marketing. Then the TV Rating companies like Nielsen will close and not work anymore. That’s because TV Networks will not pay them any longer because there are no ads to be in need of estimating the show rank and the ads cost per second.

Then, the next logical consequence is that TV networks will close because they can’t pay their cast and staff. No more TV shows will be made because producers will have no profit. Even the TV shows’ DVDs will not be profitable because you buy a show’s DVD only when they prove they are excellent on TV. Movies may still be running because there are the cinemas’ and theaters’ revenue. They don’t depend MAINLY on TV ads.

When we reach this phase, the next step is the collapse of TV industry. No one will buy TVs anymore because there are no shows and no TV networks. I can watch all the movies I want on my laptop so why bother buying a TV set?

When my thoughts led me there, I was actually terrified. I told myself “Don’t even think of it. Businessmen MUST keep their TV ads even though it is useless to them”.

As for any paradox mankind ever thought of, there must be a logical flaw. I’m not an expert in the field of TV to know everything but I must have missed something in all this mess. There must be something useful in this uselessness of TV ads for businessmen.

So again, if you – my dear reader – know how can businessmen benefit from these useless TV ads while mostly no one is paying attention to them while they are showing in the middle of their favorite shows, please let me know in the comments below 🙂

I’ll be thankful, believe me


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