#AToZChallenge Reflections



Now with the #A2ZChallenge end for this year, I’m putting together everything I felt about the competition. First of all, it is my first time to participate in the competition. I really LOVED the challenge. I loved everything about it. 

While I was thinking about the theme that I would write about, I had a lot of useful information during my search. As you know (those who were following me), as my blog is mainly about science, I chose my theme to be about stories of world-changing inventions. I got many encouragements from visitors of the blog. I had a lot of useful experience and information while I was collecting data for my articles from different sources. I knew a lot of new information that I didn’t know before. 

I also had fun exploring other participants’ blogs especially Anne’s Blog which had very interesting posts about history. I loved many of her posts especially the X, her mark and the Cremation posts. I had fun reading about different topics in science, history, psychology and other interesting topics with other bloggers. 

I really loved everything about the challenge, it is very useful in different aspects; you get new friends, followers, fun, experience and knowledge. Of course, I will participate in the challenge the next year ISA (In Sha’ Allah). 


4 thoughts on “#AToZChallenge Reflections

  1. Hi Ahmed – I enjoyed your posts and thought you stuck with your theme really well. I learnt or re-familiarized myself with lots of knowledge. I am glad you found something interesting in the posts I wrote – we come from such very different places so I would not expect my family history to be of interest to somebody so far away.

    Best wishes
    Anne from Australia

    • Your family history doesn’t include only your family’s history
      It has lots of information about lots of historical and cultural important events. You posts were really interesting

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