Doll Box (Sherin Hnaey) Review 2 (Questions Answered)


Doll Box

Sherin Hnaey

Rating : 5 / 5

صندوق الدمى

للنسخة العربية

Previously, I wrote a review about “Doll Box” where I mentioned that the novel had some unanswered questions (for me and many readers).
I Contacted the author “Sherin” and she answered these questions for me so, I will just write her answers here.
  • Why the kid “Ayman” turned evil once he returned to life?
Sherin: “Ayman” is evil from the beginning. He was protecting “Asser” till he reach school age and free him. Ayman was a normal kid so, when he died this awful deathhe turned to an evil kid who wants nothing but revenge. He wanted to revenge from anyone (good or bad). This is a symbol or a projection.
  • When “Zain” dropped his blood on the doll box,
    “Kids fell all over the world without an obvious reason”
    does that mean they are dead or just fainted?
  • In the last scene, Rana was in hospital after 55 years and surrounded with kids’ ghosts, does that mean they are dead?
Sherin: Zain’s blood spoiled the dolls’ magic connected with the doll having the kid’s and one of the parents’ blood. The strange blood spoiled the magic which is a symbol of sacrifice in the novel. The underneath children subsequently died and their souls became free and they visit Rana with Asser’s. The kids who fainted became free but not dead.
  • How did Rana end up in hospital anyway? And where is Zain? What did he do? What happened to him? What did he do with Enas?
Sherin: Rana lost her mind as a result to all the events she witnessed and her son’s death. Who got her in the hospital? What happened with Zain? ……. etc. It was not important to mention in the novel since each one of the characters eventually reached his personal enlightenment point. So, the reader can imagine the open-ended closure for each one’s life as he wish. The important thing is that the main conflict is over.

Book’s link on Goodreads.


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