Doll Box (Sherin Hnaey) Review


Doll Box

Sherin Hnaey

Rating : 5 / 5

صندوق الدمى


للنسخة العربية

I read the Arabic version of the book but I’m publishing this review in English for public benefit.
I loved the novel very much. It is my first Sherin Hnaey book to read and it was more than enough to put her name on my “Best Writers – (Buy without thinking)” list.
You should know that I’m one of the biggest opposers against Conspiracy Theory and still I loved the novel. This alone made me a super-fan of Hnaey. She made me like something that against my on beliefs.

Lets’s start with Pros:

First of all, the idea is new and this really matters to me. Most Arab horror writers tend to get a western idea like Vampires and introduce it in a new way. She is the first one to make an entirely new idea.
Let alone the incredible projection on real-world events and education system (at least in Arab countries).
Next, the events are really exciting and fast moving in a way that won’t let you leave the book from your hands which happened with me. I finished the novel in a very short time because I couldn’t just leave it.
Especially, the first part of the book which is a group of letters from Rana to her child while she was pregnant. That part is brilliant.

Now to the Cons:

(Warning: Spoilers ahead)

Before I write this review, I read what people thought of on different sites like Goodreads. I found out that most of them agreed on one thing, the closure was very confusing.
And by closure I mean the last 5 pages in the novel. You will feel like the events were moving in light-speed till the end. So fast that you find yourself re-read these 5 pages more and more to understand what happened (which is in vain by the way).
These are the confusing points (for me):
  • Why the kid “Ayman” turned evil once he returned to life?
  • When “Zain” dropped his blood on the doll box,
    “Kids fell all over the world without an obvious reason”
    does that mean they are dead or just fainted?
  • In the last scene, Rana was in hospital after 55 years and surrounded with kids’ ghosts, does that mean they are dead?
  • How did Rana end up in hospital anyway? And where is Zain? What did he do? What happened to him? What did he do with Enas?
All these questions flew without answers in the last 5 pages.
There is no closure in the novel which is very annoying after such a super good writing and idea.
But at the end I like to thank Hnaey for this brilliant novel which entertained me very much.

Book’s link on Goodreads.


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