The Book of Misers: Al-Bukhala (Al-Jahiz) review


The Book of Misers


Avarice & The Avaricious


Rating : 3 / 5

The Book of Misers

للمدونة باللغة العربية

I read the Arabic version of the book but I’m publishing this review in English for public benefit.

The book of Misers is one of the books that taught me alot while reading it.

This book introduces you to people, tribes, traditions and cultures that you didn’t know about before reading it. Not only that, but it has a very good sense of humor. I literally burst into laughing in some parts of the book.

And what makes you laugh more than the comedy situations themselves is that knowing that all of them are real situations which happened to real persons not just a joke.

One last benefit is that you learn about new kinds of food and new habits of eating that food.

Now to the cons of the book,

The reason I gave it a low rating is that in many parts of the book I really got bored especially in these parts in which Al-Jahiz tells a letter contents it get long and boring enough to make you sleep.

And that’s why I took so much time reading this book (about 2 months) with respect to its page number.

The other thing is the vocabulary is too old and too vague and the editor who collected this book together didn’t give sufficient explanation to these old words.

 But perhaps that’s not the case in the English translation.

Book’s link on Goodreads

Avarice link on Goodreads


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